Surfside Awards Us New Contract

The vote is in! The Town of Surfside’s Tourism Board this week awarded Jacober Creative a new contract to produce all their marketing materials for 2016. Located on the ocean in Miami-Dade County, just north of South Beach, this will be the second year in a row that we will be working on their full marketing campaign.

We’ve already designed a newly refreshed logo, with a fluid retro-meets-ocean-wave look, and a bold color palette that we carry through in all the materials. In addition, we created a host of hand drawn images that play off the logo, to evoke restaurants, shopping, beaches, real estate and more, for use in all the collateral.

The campaign slogan this year will be Uptown Beachtown, which we interpreted in a series of diptych type ads, for which we provided the concept, photography and art direction. The left side shows a fashionable, more luxurious, adult activity, and the right side shows more of a beach vibe, a casual and family friendly one. And soon we’ll be launching a newly designed website for the Surfside Tourism Department.

We’re excited to have won the contract  – it involved an official vote, which we all know in this Presidential election year is a very important thing  – and are confident it will serve Surfside well as they target international, national and local visitors.