Miami based Jacober Creative is known for their ability to create dynamic, bold custom logos and develop them into overall brands for small, medium and large companies. Whether it’s for the Bella Beach Club owned by Trump Towers; or Miami’s premiere cold-pressed juice company, JugoFresh; or the logo for City of Coral Gables’ main independent theater, Coral Gables Art Cinema; or the Miami Beach locally owned MATZ Physical Therapy, Jacober Creative is one of South Florida’s leading professional providers of specialized, targeted design services and especially customized logos. “Creating strong graphics that customers respond to, that people can relate to is our specialty,” owner Paul Jacober said. “It’s a gift we have here. All the designers here at Jacober Creative have a high level of design integrity. We know what’s both current and what has staying power. We’re the real deal.”

The team of professional logo designers at Jacober Creative is adept at the art of creating logos and branching off into the world of branding. We have created font-based logos consisting primarily of a type treatment like Botanica Landscaping in Miami; Runway Resort Hotel in Hollywood, FL, Infinite Source Communications, Blooming Events International, and the Miami International Children’s Film Festival. We’ve also created logos that literally illustrate what a company does, like the “M” icon of the MATZ PT logo, the subtle yet bold Euro Painting Icon, the DNA inspired film strip of the Miami Gay & lesbian Film Festival to name a few. Other strong icon related logos that our professional logo designers created: Calibre Realty International for Julian Johnston, P2 pilates, Consign of the Times, Maru Consign, The Meatball Joint, mygeanie.com.

Either by hand with a pencil, or by Wacom tablet, some of Miami’s strongest logos and branding has come out of Jacober Creative in Florida. Always pushing limits, Jacober Creative’s logo designers offer some of the freshest and most innovative ideas around. Our motto is bold, clean, classic yet cutting-edge. With their hands-on and personalized approach to clients’ needs, the professional designers can work across multiple platforms and media, producing award-winning websites and e-commerce campaigns ; print, electronic graphic designs, including branding and logo development and execution; video and motion graphic services; and acrylic and trade show booth displays.

Clients receive expert research and analysis of their marketing profile, aimed at developing core brand values keyed to specific audiences, as a basis for building a visual vocabulary that effectively communicates a client’s message. Miami, a city in Florida is a crossroads of the Americas, and Jacober Creative is a part of the creative mix that can raise a client’s profile in the local, national and international arenas.

Ideally, a company logo enhances customers and partners’ crucial first impression of a business. Jacober Creative in Miami knows that a great logo can build loyalty between your business and your customers, establish a brand identity, and provide the professional look of an established enterprise.