Surfside 2016 Campaign Photography and Logo Design


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The Town of Surfside needed all new marketing materials for 2017, to go with their new theme of “Uptown Beachtown.” Located on the ocean in Miami-Dade County, just north of South Beach, they were promoting their locale as one suitable for more upscale, adult activities, as well as casual and family-friendly ones. Surfside needed a full package – from a refreshed logo to ad campaigns to an updated website. This was the second year in a row that Jacober Creative was awarded this contract, after their award-winning one for 2016.


We updated the Surfside logo with a fluid retro-meets-ocean-wave look, and a bold color palette that we carry through in all the materials. In addition, we created a host of hand drawn images that play off the logo, to evoke restaurants, shopping, beaches, real estate and more, for use in all the collateral.

The campaign slogan of Uptown Beachtown was interpreted by us in a series of diptych type ads, for which we provided the concept, photography and art direction. The left side shows a fashionable, more luxurious, grownup activity, and the right side shows more of a beach vibe, a laidback and family friendly one. We also redesigned the Town of Surfside’s website and created materials for their mobile app, giving it a somewhat visceral and emotional feel that worked with the goal of a more sophisticated presentation.

Project scope includes:

• Travel campaign concept & execution of ideas
• Campaign conception & photography
• Website development
• Advertising campaign
• Mobile app elements

Surfside 2016 logo design before and after

Surfside logo research

New Surfside logo 2016

Surfside 2016 logo sheet

Surfside 2016 Inspired color palette

Surfside 2016 brand voice

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Surfside 2016 Campaign Photography

Surfside 2016 Campaign Photography

Surfside 2016 Campaign Photography

Surfside 2016 Iconography

Surfside 2016 Visitor Guide

Surfside 2016 Web design

Surfside 2016 Campaign Photography and Mobile Application

Surfside 2016 Campaign Photography