Miami Video Production Services
Moving images are one of the most powerful ways to reach your audience and customers. Miami based Jacober Creative, a video producing firm, can provide professional, distinct, accessible and visually appealing video and motion graphics that work hand and hand with our other graphic design services to create effective campaigns for a wide range of clients. Our motion graphics artist/video editor works closely at Jacober Creative with our video producing creative team to bring ideas to life throughout the video production process, including live action editing, audio integration, mixing and editing, motion graphics/animation production and color correcting. Our video producers have a solid understanding of both pre-production and post-production aspects of making videos, including experience with After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and 3D modeling software (Cinema 4D preferred).

Our video production services involve conceptualization, design, storyboarding, and animation – everything from style frames to simulations. Florida’s Jacober Creative staff members are strong conceptual thinkers who also bring strong design skills and a collaborative approach to their work. We have a great eye for typography and information design, as well a sense of how things work with real-time movement.

Jacober Creative,the video producing firm in Miami, has produced motion graphics and video for clients such as Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), FLorida Bright & Blue Pools, JugoFresh, Ron Abuelo Rum, MATZ Physical Therapy and TKS Sporting, helping them reach their target audience, elevate their brand presence and increase clients and customer bases.