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Jacober Creative : The Studio

  OUR STUDIO: We’re a talented team of Miami-based graphic designers, copywriters, and strategists dedicated to the art of selling product. Sure, we’re proud of our many awards for typography editorial design, and layout, but in the final analysis, you want more than just a pretty [type] face – you want to move the merchandise, […]

The Drop Commercial

The Drop, for Perrier, is hands down, my favorite commercial.  From the concept, to the music, to the art direction, every detail has been accounted for. Dialogue-free, yet engaging all the way through. It’s sexy, smart, stylish, and suspenseful. It makes Perrier larger than life. It creates a feeling, a mood, and does everything that […]

What is Bitcoin?!

I was at a Super Bowl Party this weekend when the subject of BITCOINS came up. Five minutes into the conversation I realized that I (as well as everyone else in the room) had no idea what I was talking about. I knew just enough to get by, meaning, I knew the word, I knew […]