Miami Jewish Film Festival 2014 Poster Image

We’re excited for the 2014 Miami Jewish Film Festival Kickoff this week. Almost two weeks of great films to be shown at various theaters throughout Miami. Enjoy the festival and enjoy the image we created for them featured here! #jacobercreative.  


Nomad Closet

When I was young, I used to tell my parents that I wanted all of my earthly possessions to fit into a laundry basket.  Even as a child, I always liked the idea of being free from belongings that weren’t absolutely crucial to my existence…I felt the less I owned, the more freedom I  would […]

Let Go

I got hooked on this addictive song a couple of years ago and was absolutely thrilled when I discovered it was accompanied by an even more addicitive music video. I’ve always been a fan of simple animations and was blown away by the precision, rhythm, pacing, and simple striking illustration that played out across this […]